The problem of resource bottlenecks is encountered in almost any distributed virtual environment or networked game. In a typical client-server setup, where the virtual world is managed by a server and replicated by connected clients which visualize the scene, the server must repeatedly transmit update messages to the clients. The computational power needed to select the messages to transmit to each client, or the network bandwidth limitations often allow only a subset of the update messages to be transmitted to the clients; this leads to a performance degradation and an accumulation of errors, e.g., a visual error based on the positional displacement of moving objects. This paper presents a scheduling algorithm that enforces priorities based on a freely definable error metric, trying to minimize the overall error. It is able to achieve a graceful degradation of the system's performance and to minimize the risc of starvation, while retaining an output sensitive behavior. This makes it suitable not only to schedule the update messages to transmit to the various clients, but it also allows to employ filtering techniques at a constant effort.